Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy Novella



The complete Witches Rule series! Turvy Topsy Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (all 4 books in one boxed set)!
My name’s Zalia, and I just turned 16. Witches rule my world, and I’m what everyone calls a good witch. I’ve never broken the rules, never dated, never even been kissed, and I’m technically a royal witch since I’m the King’s niece. My life’s a little complicated since I’m going to The Royal Fae Academy, my best friend’s a pixie, and I’m in love with a jaguar shifter. Three years ago, my cousins jinxed me with 36 curses – fun ones like all witches hate me, no one can touch me, I can’t undue the curses or they will multiply. There are also other curses I can’t remember, but I have a feeling they have something to do with my missing parents, the King, and my best friends. Now the curses are threatening all the realms, and I have to find a way to reverse them all before it’s too late. How do I reverse things I can’t remember, and who can I trust? Did I say I just turned 16?
Each of the Turvy Topsy books is a fast, fun, clean young adult paranormal fantasy/romance.