Reverse Harem

Immortal Reign Series

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Her New Reign: Book 1

A Powerful Witch. A Flirty Faerie. A Shy Reaper. A Dangerous Dragon Shifter. A Feisty Heroine.

Mera has always been an overachiever who’s had her entire life planned. On the morning of her 18th birthday, she wakes up surrounded by three gorgeous guys. And not just any guys. Immortals. A witch. A faerie. A reaper. They have one last chance to get a human to fall in love with them before they are condemned to enduring torture. When a dragon shifter joins the group, the rules change, but Mera is a new queen in a world so dangerous she might not survive long enough to save them or fall in love.

Her Reign of Choice: Book 2

A reaper. A faerie. A dragon shifter. A witch. A Queen. A war. A choice.

As the insurgency grows more violent, the reaper, faerie and dragon shifter desperately search for their Queen. The reigns brutally fight back, and Mera must rely upon the one who originally betrayed her to keep her safe. Mera thought the choice between her immortals and going home to Chicago was agonizing. When her true identity is revealed, her next choice will decide everyone’s fate.

Her Immortal Reign: Book 3

My name is Mera. On my eighteenth birthday, I woke up to a witch, a faerie and a reaper who told me I was a Queen. Now I’m told I’m the Queen. The true Queen. I’m in the middle of a war and supposedly evil will rise if I fall.

Prophecy states the true Queen has four immortals by her side, and she’ll do anything to protect them. My enemies know this and think they can get to me through my chosen immortals. My advice to them: do not attempt that. I am the true Queen, and I will rip their world apart if they touch what’s mine.

Her Four Immortals: Book 4

Coming December 4!

How did a faerie, a reaper, a witch and a dragon shifter survive the evil reigns, meet and become the true Queen’s four immortals? Each immortal has his own novella. Four novellas in one giant volume!

The origins of Blu, Zash, Arc, and Janx are revealed from their early struggles to their choosing of Mera as their Queen. Learn about them before the second half of the prophesy is revealed in the new series.

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