Reverse Harem Dystopian Dark Fantasy

Chosen Rye for web

Chosen Rye: Reverse Harem Dystopian Dark Fantasy

Three Immortal Brothers. One Powerful Empath. Heaven. Hell. Fate.

When the barriers of hell broke, demons decimated the world and only a few human settlements escaped. For 18 year old Rye, surviving another day means running faster than the demons who hunt her. When Rye ducks into an alley, she is transported to another realm currently on the brink of war with the underworld and told she is the chosen soul mate to two powerful and dangerous immortal brothers. When another brother of pure evil also finds out he’s fated to be with Rye, he’ll stop at nothing to claim her. Rye is the only one who can control the warring brothers, but she now lives in a world where nothing is at it seems. Everyone hints about who she really is, but will Rye figure it out in time?

A full length novel. The conclusion will be published early 2019.

Chosen Rye was originally written as Chosen Prae, a Paranormal Dystopian Fantasy. While there are parts which are similar or the same, much of this new book (and characters and the direction) has changed completely.