Reverse Harem (Adult)

Reverse Harem (Adult), Paranormal Urban Romance

The following books have  **mature content warning: language; mature & sexual situations, 18+**

Angels of Shadows Series

Snow RisesRivers Fall for webAOS final web

Snow Rises: Book 1

Good. Evil. Angel. Demon. Warlock. Reaper.

I’ve met them all, but what am I?

My name’s Cassandra (Caz). At least that’s the name I’m going by this month. I’ve just aged out of the foster care system. I have no money. No memories. No future. No past. I was chased by an angel and a reaper who said I belong to them – they have my soul. I thought I was crazy until a demon and a warlock captured me and claimed I’m one of them. They say I don’t need a soul. I thought I was fearless. Didn’t know I was soulless.  Now, I’m caught in the middle of an ancient war between good and evil, angels and demons, and both sides believe I was promised to them long ago. Am I even human? I don’t know who to trust. I don’t even know if I can trust myself. 

Rivers Fall: Book 2

My name’s Cassandra (Caz). Half of my soul was created in heaven, and the other half was forged in hell. An angel and a demon have claimed me, and I also have two soul mates who are bound to me. The catch? They’re all mortal enemies. Does that mean I’m good or evil or a bit of both? Now there’s a mysterious stranger who knows about me and my destiny. She says she used to be just like me – created the same way by the same angel and demon who are determined to keep me from finding the truth. Like I said, my name’s Cassandra (Caz), and I’m not afraid of demons, angels, warlocks, reapers, heaven, or hell. They should be afraid of me.

Angels of Shadows: Book 3

Just how did an angel, a demon, a reaper and a warlock meet? Travel from heaven to hell to Old Salem to modern day Chicago. Angels of Shadows explains the origins of Makus, Ren, Bast and Syn. Their histories will shed light on Cassandra’s/Caz’s own past and destiny. Find out the real connection between Ren and Makus. Why and how did they choose Cassandra, and how will their secrets disrupt the balance between heaven and hell? A full length novel.