Regency Romance

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Regency Romance

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The Bering Sisters

The Bering Sisters is a Young Adult clean Regency romance about duty, sacrifice, revenge, the loyalty of sisters, love found, love lost, and love forbidden. It is a stand alone, full length novel.

Cassandra and Juliana are the Bering Sisters living in Regency England, 1810. When the dying Earl of Abbotden convinces seventeen year old Cassandra, his eldest daughter, to marry the heir of the estate,  Cassandra easily agrees.  Cassandra has spent her life doing what is expected, but things change when she meets and falls in love with the handsome Lord Halithorpe.

Sixteen and carefree, Juliana is the exact opposite of her duty bound sister. Born from an ill-fated second marriage, she refuses to see her sister settle for a loveless marriage. Juliana ignores society’s rules that bind Cassandra’s future and struggles with her own growing attraction for Lord Kemnay, Lord Halithorpe’s handsome cousin.

Against Cassandra’s wishes, Juliana schemes to unite Lord Halithorpe with her sister. Juliana does not believe her actions will ruffle anything more than society’s antiquated rules, but her meddling causes a chance meeting between Juliana’s sadistic mother and Lord Halithorpe’s infamous brother. The vindictive duo plots revenge against their families and ignites a dangerous obsession that threatens more than Cassandra’s reputation or Juliana’s future.