Rivers Fall: Book 2

Rivers Fall for webRivers Fall: Book 2 in the Angels of Shadows Series will be published June 8!

My name’s Cassandra (Caz). Half of my soul was created in heaven, and the other half was forged in hell. An angel and a demon have claimed me, and I also have two soul mates who are bound to me. The catch? They’re all mortal enemies. Does that mean I’m good or evil or a bit of both? Now there’s a mysterious stranger who knows about me and my destiny. She says she used to be just like me – created the same way by the same angel and demon who are determined to keep me from finding the truth. Like I said, my name’s Cassandra (Caz), and I’m not afraid of demons, angels, warlocks, reapers, heaven, or hell. They should be afraid of me.

** Mature Content: Language/Sexual Situations; Recommended 18+ **